Thursday, July 12, 2012

On The (Long) Road Again

This past weekend, we took a drive to visit my in-laws.

They are not just a hop, skip, and jump away. More like five hours if you don't stop for gas, and if there is no traffic.

We left on a weeknight, and it was smooth sailing! My three youngest ones drove up with my sis in-law, so that took away 3/4 of the noise in our truck!

But, regardless of the long drive, we had a really nice, relaxing visit! 

The town they live in is super small, and you hardly hear any noise in their neighborhood. Unlike where we live!!

Here are Veronica & Eli just chillin' on the porch swing. It's so nice to sit there at night when the stars are out, and all you can hear are their wind chimes.

It was SO BRIGHT outside, so my husband did this on purpose when I tried to take a picture of us!

The little ones (as we call them), getting ready to go swimming at the community pool with my mother & sister in-law!!

We took the big kids with us, and got us THESE!! My son opted out of having one. Really? In almost 100 degree weather??!! Who does that?

We started to get a little hungry, and we came across this little HOLE IN THE WALL Mexican stand. When my husband was ordering, I looked up to see what the place was called, and I was like, "Whoa!! Look at that!!" John 3:16!! And they were even playing Christian music!! Loved it!

Carne Asada Tacos!

After we took a drive around the town, we went back to my in-laws and relaxed. Later that night, we were meeting the rest of the family at a local restaurant! Doesn't this highway look fun?

Here are my kids with their cousin, Matthew! Gotta love my daughters expressions!

And this was the morning we left! My husband in the front between his parents, and the kids in between his brother and sister!! Love this picture!!


Serendipityissweet said...

Sounds like a great family trip!
My in laws are also about 5 hours away. It's always an adventure to travel with kids ;)

Unknown said...

Aw, great family pic! The food and drinks look soooo good, I really want some now!