Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tastebud Tuesday

I was totally craving for Sushi last week, so I convinced my husband that we should get some after church! We were originally going to eat Pho with our friend, but without much elbow bending, they agreed to go!

And let's just say that even our friend was impressed with Kenzo Sushi! I think our eyes were bigger than our mouths that day because we ordered so much! But, with the all you can eat menu, you just pick and choose what you want.  But, don't order too much, because whatever is left, they will charge you for! But, this is by far the best sushi place in our area!

I don't remember the names of all the things we ordered, so I'll try my best to describe what they were!

This is their Spiderman III roll! It's filled with crab meat, and topped with baked salmon! Then they bake it in this foil because there is this special sauce that cooks over it. TO.DIE.FOR!!!!

Now, let me tell you..I'm not a raw fish eating person!!! But, I decided to try the Hamachi roll (the one in front) because their fish is EXTREMELY FRESH! The quality is amazing!!! I can't remember the name of the one in the middle, but that is also filled with crab and topped with fresh salmon and tempura crumbs!!!

Deep fried soft shell crab!!! Need I say more???

Lion King Roll!!! I can't remember what's in the inside, but it's topped with avocado and their special sauce!!!! Drooling yet?

Last but not least is their tuna roll topped with sliced mango. That was really good too, and again, very fresh!!!!! I will actually eat raw fish again, if it has this same quality!

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Unknown said...

Oh my gosh, everything looks so delicious!! I made my own sushi the other day since I'm pregnant and they tell you no raw seafood or stuff prepared around raw seafood.