Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Promotion Time

Back in my day...a long, long time ago, we used to say we were "graduating," even if it was from elementary school. These days, they say, "promotion" until you are in high school. Don't know why I even shared that, but I just wonder why it changed???

Well, my youngest son just got "promoted" from 6th grade, and he will now be entering Junior High School in the fall! When I was in 6th grade (a long, long time ago), that WAS considered Junior High.

ANYWAY, the promotion ceremony was in the morning, so my husband, and two of the kids couldn't make it! But, I had the two older ones with me to enjoy this moment!!

My Danny boy!! He's a big boy now! Well, he always has been, but you know..the mom in me will always see him as a little boy!!

 photo IMG_2707_zpsbffqgl7y.jpg

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