Monday, June 8, 2015

Huge Milestone

This past weekend, our two oldest children graduated from high school!

No, they are not twins, however, they would be considered Irish twins

Surprisingly, I didn't get choked up during the ceremony because I did a lot of the crying the day before! I mean, how could I not reflect back on the last 17/18 years of their lives. I can remember their younger days so clearly!

We were "that" homeschooling family! I had them at home with me for ten years before they went to a private school for Junior high! So, our situation is pretty unique (in my humble opinion).

And as much as I would like them to always be a few steps away, I have be realistic. They are young adults, and they need some independence...sigh....

So, with that said, I needed to blog about this event so the pictures could be at my fingertips.

It was a beautiful, sunny morning!! Perfect for a graduation ceremony! I knew it was going to be a long one, too. Come on now, almost 800 students!!!

Here they are, walking in with their group!!!
  photo IMG_2752_zpsieaznlwo.jpg

I couldn't pass up a selfie with my youngest!
 photo IMG_2748_zpsx0epzsfq.jpg

And here they are!! My beautiful babies!!
 photo IMG_2765_zpsyohihrd9.jpg

The token parent picture!!!
 photo IMG_2767_zpsqbllyhqj.jpg

The token picture with mama (grandma)!
 photo IMG_2770_zpsqsqvuqw0.jpg

My sis in-law!!!
 photo IMG_2772_zpsvghtrrjp.jpg

With the "bros!"
 photo IMG_2774_zps2s44kpsn.jpg

 I am a blessed mama!!!
 photo IMG_2783_zps1hvajrfn.jpg

Celebratory lunch!!!
 photo IMG_2796_zpsv3rqkudd.jpg

My father in-law got a little excited with the pasta..hehe.
 photo IMG_2799_zpsp0aoxwo5.jpg

And last but not least, my daughter's boyfriend, and his parents!!!
 photo IMG_2797_zpsrryb1g6l.jpg

I'm excited to see what the future holds for them!! Two down, and three more to go!!

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Karen Mortensen said...

Wow. Two at once. Congratulations to all.