Thursday, March 9, 2017

Golden State Warriors!!

This night will go down as one of the best date nights, EVER!!!

My husband and I are huge Warriors fans! We love watching the games, and our kids think we are crazy when they hear us screaming at the TV! Being in the trade that my husband is in, he has tons of connections, and one of those connections has season ticket holder seats that he gave to my husband to use for one of the games! An additional bonus was having VIP parking as well!

 photo 468f6bd7-6a69-4d8a-a6d1-b73781c6470a.jpg

The teams warming up!
 photo 1d2a7695-3257-41a2-837b-7b26dfb723bb.jpg

Loved our seats!
 photo a74e9d22-268f-4fe2-b402-3328d4c62658.jpg

 photo ba50d333-3042-4eb1-a0af-0cd35b955db1.jpg

Our kids even saw us on TV, recorded it on their phones and text'd it to us!

Come on, D!!!
 photo 330ab637-3f3e-49a6-987d-61af74a6e6c1.jpg

BUT, the highlight of the evening was when we saw our names up on the Jumbotron! That was a total surprise! Well, my husband has done work with the Warriors, so when one of the guys found out we were going to the game, he asked if we were celebrating anything. We really weren't, but our wedding anniversary was coming up! He told my husband for us to sit tight during halftime, and this is why!! Not only was this up there, but it was announced out loud, too!!!
 photo bc5b8b96-a54e-4ead-a10d-f8be66d39145.jpg

 photo 01debe51-9940-4596-8843-4f129395e81a.jpg

 photo 4ffa526a-fee6-4200-a1eb-4616fc783e16.jpg

A total fun experience for our very first basketball game!!! I don't know how this can be topped!

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Karen Mortensen said...

Lucky you. We love the Warriors too.