Saturday, March 11, 2017

Lunch With Mama

My mom loves it when she gets to spend time with her grandkids. She especially loves going out to eat with them! Since my other kids had plans already, I took her to lunch with the two youngest. She wanted Red Lobster, so that's where we took her. Back in the day (years ago), my husband and I used to eat here all the time when we were dating. And after all these years, I still order the same thing. Crab Alfredo!

Mom and I!
 photo b66499b2-7738-4b5c-9e91-f571dc413248.jpg

I'm not sure when they started adding fried veggies with the fried calamari?
 photo 93bb8062-3950-4ef9-8b45-9b3504c98903.jpg
Mom shrimp platter. Shrimp alfredo, garlic shrimp, and friend shrimp. My son ordered the same thing.  
 photo f0eda74b-8446-40de-824e-6d4b0ee9b1a9.jpg

My daughter ordered the same thing as me. She didn't care for it though.
 photo 7a32597e-5b1c-4fed-81f6-07d3826aaf0f.jpg

The "babies" of the family.
 photo 5c7c9a1f-edff-408a-81ea-57f7edd07c51.jpg

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