Friday, March 10, 2017

Our Annual Valentine's Getaway

It seems like a tradition now, that my husband and I always go on a "baycation" every Valentine's Day! And for some reason, we are always drawn to the city! I think it's the night lights, the sounds, the food, and feeling far, but still close to home! But, not only that, you can go anywhere in the city and not have to be dressed! Not that I don't like to, but it's way more fun to eat in comfy clothes!!

We wanted to try an Italian restaurant we have never been to before, so we decided to check out Trattoria Contandina. Not a huge place, either. If we took our kids, we would take up a third of the restaurant, lol. The service was excellent, the food was delicious, and we will definitely be back!

This was us after we played tourist in the city! We headed to dinner after this.
 photo 84d4eaea-89a2-4fe6-92f2-5e322ce96cc7.jpg

The bread was so good. Or, we could have been starving!
 photo 748f588c-bf23-4857-a986-3e19154f06c9.jpg

This dish is what their restaurant is known for. I can see why! Delicious! 
Carlesimo | rigatoncelli | pancetta | porcini | peas | sun-dried tomatoes | spicy tomato cream
 photo e2198f20-b0e8-4e5a-be06-f2fb3cb9873b.jpg

This was just as tasty!
Ravioli con Fungi | Far West Fungi porcini ravioli | mushrooms | marsala | cream
 photo 05ba859c-1cdb-4801-b6bf-ea27bf48c4be.jpg

We never skip dessert. Champagne Lemon Cheesecake. DIVINE!
 photo 204eb5c4-0029-4007-92fd-e8699d67519a.jpg

Spumoni Layered Ice Cream Cake
 photo e6503228-b8fd-449a-9a3e-5a38c9a7a25d.jpg


Karen Mortensen said...

Looks like fun. Glad you had a good time.

Unknown said...

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