Monday, April 4, 2011

Long Day and Good Eats!

Our school played their second game of soccer last week, and I was so happy that my daughter was able to play that day! It's an all boys team, but since they were short subs, they allowed her to play. And it's not her first bbq either. She's been playing on boys teams alot longer than her all girl team this Spring. The girl is quick! I love it when I hear people saying, "Wow, look at that girl! She's fast!" And, she knows how to use her body to get the ball. Love it!!

Just waitin' for the ball!

My husband was able to make it to the game after work and help coach the team!

Afterward, we were all starving and met my sis in-law for dinner! YUMMY nachos at our favorite Mexican restaurant!

Can't end the night without ice cream at Foster's Freeze! My kiddos and sis in-law!

My brownie sundae!!


Susie said...


Darcie said... can't do this to me in the morning! I need me some ice cream and nachos stat!!!!

That is so cool about your daughter...there is not to many girls out there that would be willing and able to step it up to an all boys team!

Marice said...

wow!! Your daughter did a great job playing with an all boys team! nice! and geesh, your nachos and ice cream look really yummy!!

have a great week ahead sissy!

Cyndy Bush said...

YUM, this post made me hungry!
I'm glad your daughter got to play soccer. My daughter is playing for the first time this year and they had their first game this past weekend. They won! It's a lot of fun.

Kim said...

Looks like everyone ejoyed themselves! What yummy eats!

Kelli W said...

Girl you are killing me with all this yummy food! I think we are having nachos tonight:)