Thursday, December 22, 2011

Whale Watching=FAIL

My two older kids had the choice of going to Disneyland with their siblings, however, they opted not to go because they wanted to do their "own teenager thing."

So, instead of seeing Mickey, my sis in-law asked if they would like to spend the weekend in Monterey, and also go on a whale watching tour.

They were more than ecstatic about that!!!

Here they are in Monterey, taking their goofy pictures!

At the wharf, waiting to get on the boat!

I'm sure at this point, they couldn't wait to see a whale!

But, I guess the waves got to them, and they ended up doing this instead!!

Sleeping IN the boat due to motion sickness!! Ahh..what a waste!

But, with good food later on, you can see that all's well that ends well!

Back to normal!

I love this picture of the wharf!!

But, they had BLAST that weekend. Besides the whale watching, they went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, ate good food, came home with all kinds of stuff (from candy to, and of course, funny stories!!!


Stacy said...

I have heard those small boats really do rock you. Too bad they didn't get to see a whale.

Jessica Kramasz said...

Oh no, seasickness is no fun.
The food sure looks good though!

Rhiannon said...

yuck sea sickness is no fun, but i'm glad they had fun