Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Who Comes Up With This Stuff

All I know is that when my mom showed this to me, I could not stop cracking up (because of the name). All I envisioned was somebody wearing this all day, and just laying around doing nothing! Then, I was laughing even more because she asked my oldest son if he wanted one. All I could picture was him in that, while playing his XBOX 24/7!

But, seriously..who thinks of these names of these things? 


Jessica Kramasz said...

My husband and I saw a commercial for this the other night and we laughed so hard. I couldn't believe they even put a zipper in the back for when nature calls. Crazy, and hilarious too!

Jessica Heights said...

Those are just the craziest things...sleepers for adults!! LOL!

Jennifer said...

I saw this on an infomercial!!! They tried to show people tailgating and going out in public with this thing on - like, yeah right! And then, that zipper to open your behind so you can go to the bathroom? ROTFLMBO!