Monday, June 4, 2012

The End Has Come!

I can't believe that the school year has officially ended!!

Seriously..these past ten months just flew on by!

I remember thinking that the end of the school year was so far away!

And now it's here, and it's kinda bittersweet!

I hate goodbyes.

Even though I know I'll see the teachers in a few months!

I'm weird that way! kids had their final field trips of the year.

They had so much fun!

I have to schedule "play dates" with their buddies this summer!

We had to be at school at 7am one morning because the big kids had a field trip to Alcatraz! I've always wanted to go there, too! I've been in CA practically my whole entire life, and I have never been there!

The little ones and I had time (about an hour) to spare, so I took them to breakfast! We also had one of the teachers daughters since she was headed to Alcatraz to chaperone! My other sons class had a field trip to Santa Cruz, snd my two littlest ones had a combined class field trip to a pool party!

And here's some of my daughter's buddies! LOL..excuse the sun over one of the girls faces. Her mom would not be happy if she knew I put her daughter out in blogland!

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