Saturday, August 23, 2014

Mini Dates

 Well, that's what I like to call them. 

Whenever my husband and I get a chance to get out (without kids), I consider that a "date," even if we're doing the most mundane thing! And we don't have to be gone for hours either (although our weekend trips are pretty darn cool)! 

My husband is a Superintendent for a private contractor, so there are times (very few) that he may have to trek to the city on the weekend if there is work going on, just to make sure everything is going as planned. It could be just a few minutes, but nonetheless, I love to accompany him during those times because I LOVE going to the city! Never get tired of it!

So, last weekend, that's exactly what happened! 

We headed to the job site first, and as I sat at his desk, this was to my left, and to my right! 
 photo IMG_20140816_082529_zps7d301502.jpg

 photo IMG_20140816_082744_zpseaf20f69.jpg

I mean, how cool that he's able to take me! As wives, we hardly get to see where our hubby's work! 
The location of this job site is pretty cool because it's right by AT&T Park (home of the San Francisco Giants). 
 photo 20140816_091300_zpscbacbeb5.jpg

After we drove around a bit (I LOVE doing that), we were getting hungry! He took me to this cool little place called "Ziggy's Burgers." Yes, they serve breakfast! 

This is what I had! Spinach, cheese, and avocado omelette, turkey bacon, fresh fruit, and sourdough bread. It was so good!
 photo 20140816_093811_zpsb948b64b.jpg

And his was pretty good too! Fried egg, fried potatoes, chicken sausage, and wheat bread! Everything was really fresh!
 photo 20140816_093800_zps004c24b3.jpg

After we ate and talked for a bit, it was time to head out! It was still really early, and our kids were still sleeping! But, of course, we had to stop at Starbucks first!! Always room for a mocha!
 photo IMG_4854_zps4824dd2d.jpg

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