Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Getting Back On Track

I swear, the hardest thing about having an unexpected break in your workout is finding the motivation to go back!

I posted here awhile back on my weight loss journey!!! In a nutshell, in October 2012, I found an exercise program I fell in love with called U-Jam. I was hooked from day one, and even took the Instructor Workshop a few months later! I passed my assessment video and became a certified instructor! Everything was GREAT!!

I have to admit, I lagged on instructing because I wanted to be in the best shape I could be in because it is pretty much a high intensity cardio hip hop/universal beat class!

Anyway, to get to the point, this past April I got a stye that got infected! Ugh, it actually turned into a chalazion (gross), and after about a month of dealing with it, I finally had two of them surgically removed. Now, by this time I did not go out much because my eyelid looked HIDEOUS! Well, that wasn't it! After all that was over and done with, I went through TWO side effects from the antibiotics I was taking. Talk about a downer!!

Long story short, three months later and I'm sooooo unmotivated, and out of shape, and probably a little depressed about it!

I literally had to force myself to go back to class and find that joy again in U-Jam. I'm glad I did because I forget how fun, motivating, and inspiring it is to be in class...and with other ladies who love it just as much (if not more)!!

So, I'm getting back on track..slowly but surely...finding my love in it again! It's not hard because it is addicting..in a good way! I just have to stay consistent!

So, here's some (not all) of the classes I've been to lately. Love my instructor brother & sisters who never judged me for not being around as much!!

And did I mention that U-Jammers love the post workout picture!!!

 photo 20140823_092418_zpsd5befb41.jpg

 photo 20140811_183555_zps81282759.jpg

 photo 20140620_121932_zps31883532.jpg

 photo 20140619_191002_zps3f78e985.jpg

 photo 20140623_183851_zpsa5971bf2.jpg

 photo 20140809_114327_zps37785501.jpg

 photo 20140624_201231_zps39457417.jpg

 photo 20140731_110252_zpse71503fd.jpg

 photo 20140812_200436_zpsc7c94a59.jpg
Okay, this last one was a cycling class, and it KICKED MY BUTT..LITERALLY! 
 photo 20140625_130151_zps38bd3551.jpg


Karen Mortensen said...

Good for you. Keep it up.

Cathy said...

So glad you are back on track! I know the feeling. :) Keep it up!