Saturday, August 30, 2014

Thirteen Years In A Row

It feels like yesterday when my husband agreed to coach our kids soccer teams because the original coach backed out at the last minute.

Who knew he would still be coaching these many years later!

But, not only that, my husband and I are now on the board. Go figure!

And, two of our kids referee!!

It's a family thang!

This past weekend were the first games of the season! What a great way to start by having a shut out!! 5-0! Not that we're competitive or anything. It is a recreational league! Yah...go tell that to the parents!

Beautiful, sunny California weather! Couldn't be more perfect! 

Got to get that mommy & me photo op first!
 photo IMG_20140823_142407_zps7c2f3ffd.jpg

Girls are warming up!
 photo 20140823_144427_zpsc96dded4.jpg

Game time! 
 photo 20140823_145944_zpsb80c6785.jpg

We won!
 photo 20140823_160112_zpsb7854596.jpg

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Anonymous said...

Nice photos and congratulations on the victory.

God bless you and your family,