Friday, November 11, 2016

A Traveling They Will Go

When my two older kids graduated from high school last year, their gift from my sis in-law was a trip to New York!

They were so excited to go (who wouldn't be), and I knew they would have so much fun!

Here they go! The drop off at the airport!
 photo 88ee9bf2-b258-47df-815b-4015e67773a0.png

In the air, their first official New York pizza, and face timing me from Times Square!
 photo 03a91bc6-8fec-4ae7-a371-efcc8cab58e1.png

They also visited Washington D.C.!
 photo 06e92af4-0e0d-4ea1-a2d1-ba7943c57937.png

I was jealous when they sent me this picture!
  photo ce518863-2f27-48d3-a1b8-f6733ec401cc.png

Go, Yankees!!!

 photo bb96ece1-8ae3-4fa8-ac80-3ae38c884c68.png

And they said this was delicious!

 photo 53ffe565-3020-42d2-a917-32fc397c33a0.png

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