Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Good Eats

My husband and I love to try new places to eat! When a restaurant has good reviews, and the menu is appealing to us, we will totally try it out at least once!

This place did not disappoint. I've read reviews about Bobo's in San Francisco, and I knew we had to go!

It wasn't in the middle of a busy area, so it was easy to get to, and made early reservations! The pictures are a little dark because the restaurant is dimly lit. Makes it romantic!

We started with Lobster Soup which was creamy and delicious!
 photo IMG_3686.jpg

Crispy Crab Cakes. So good!!
 photo IMG_3690.jpg

The best brussel sprouts!
 photo IMG_3694.jpg

Filet Mignon
 photo IMG_3691.jpg

Melts in your mouth!
 photo IMG_3693.jpg

Twice Baked Potato

 photo IMG_3695.jpg

Monterosa (strawberry Italian cheesecake)

 photo IMG_3697.jpg

Chocolate Bomb
 photo IMG_3698.jpg

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