Monday, November 7, 2016

Work & Play

I love going to the city (San Francisco), whether it be for a day, or staying overnight with my husband.

This particular time (awhile back), was just a day trip, and my husband and I walked up these somewhat popular steps that have a killer view, and afterward he took me to one of his projects that was pretty much completed.

See behind us? Those are called the 16th Ave Tiled Steps.
 photo IMG_2327.jpg

Even though there was overcast, the view was still wonderful!
 photo IMG_2314.jpg

This project has been long completed, but here is the outside of the building. It used to be Avalon Music Hall, and now it's ad agency called Argonaut
 photo IMG_2326.jpg
I wish I still had the pictures when this place was first gutted. It was amazing to see the difference from before and after! This place is huge. Three big stories!
 photo IMG_2322.jpg

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