Monday, August 8, 2011

Fattening But Oh So Good!

Do you ever have those moments when you are craving for everything fried and fattening?

I was looking at some of my older posts and came across fried zucchini that I made last summer. So, what did I do? I was on a mission to make more! I was bummed when my grocery store didn't have ANY zucchini. They said the shipment didn't come in. Oooookay??!! But, low and behold, they had "yellow" zucchini. And that worked! And yes, it was DELICIOUS!!!!!


And the night before, I made my baked spaghetti (thank you Paula Dean). I know, not fried, but underneath all that sauce are handfuls of cheese!!!!!!

And if the cheesecake wasn't enough. A friend surprised me with red velvet cake pops for my birthday!! Oh my...they were D.E.C.A.D.E.N.T!!!!


Denise said...

Yummy in my tummy.

Lyryn said...

Great I just gained 5lbs from just looking at all that!

Anita Johnson said...

Oh my goodness...with all those wonderful calories, it's a good thing birthdays are only once a year!

Mrs. Davison said...

Delicious! You deserve to enjoy every bite! Hope it was a very Happy Birthday!

Nicole Marie said...

That fried zucchini looks sooooooo yummy! lol I want some!

Jennifer said...

Adopt me, already!!!

Leslie said...

Wasn't hungry before I stopped by... but now I'm starving!!!

Happy Belated Birthday!