Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Future Chef?

Gotta love the internet! 

My oldest son was "starving" the other day, so he took it upon himself to get on YouTube and google, "How to make an omelette."

He was all confident, so he got all his ingredients together, and made this!

He was oohing and ahhing on how good it was! I love how he added the cilantro on top! And that red stuff is not ketchup, it's hot sauce. What's the deal with guys and hot sauce?


Cyndy Bush said...

That looks delicious! I think you have a new personal chef. LOL

Angela said...

good for him. that looks delicious.

Jennifer said...

Woah! That looks good! He did that all on his own? I can't even make omelets look that good! HA HA! And I know what you mean about guys and hot sauce: my husband ALWAYS puts sriracha on everything he eats. EVERY. THING! LOL!

The Farmer Files said...

Tell him to be choosy when it comes to a wife! Girls are going to love this!

Together We Save said...

Oh wow - it looks yummy!! I am sure he was very proud of himself.

louann said...

Ohh!! I love cilantro! That must've been a good eat!