Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Family Who Hikes Together..

Stays together!

In which this case...that statement totally applies to us!!

This was my very first time hiking with my family up Mission Peak...by the way, which is a steady uphill 4 mile hike and 2100 feet elevation change! There is no way this time last year I would have been able to do this. Not that is was easy by any means, but it definitely was one of my biggest challenges to date! 

Once you get around one side, you realize you still have so much more to go!! It feels like it's never ending, but I tell ya...once you get to the very top of the mountain, it was all worth it!!

Come prepared with plenty of water and energy snacks!!
Here we go! Just starting the hike!!
 photo 65c7cdaf-b8be-49b9-8555-6c80d0057ed0_zps27a83c8b.jpg

Beautiful view of Silicon Valley!
 photo IMAG1506_zps08d3fa3f.jpg

Mini break! So thankful there a few benches along the way!! Whew!
 photo 1eb6249a-b541-4adf-b021-ae0f20b9a50e_zpsc6c39452.jpg

Boy, it was hot!
 photo IMAG1513_zpsd545bbb8.jpg

Enjoying the view!
 photo 24e5649a-9cf5-4dea-984f-63a556cfb833_zpsbd7e0adc.jpg

 photo IMAG1536_zps4a883f1e.jpg

And finally to the top!! Feels so good!
 photo 21ebec57-4081-42d7-b069-8d199fc98026_zpsf4798a21.jpg

 photo 0707d8ec-f532-4229-b399-17bf13daf1db_zpsde5b293c.jpg


Veronica Lee said...

WOW! What an achievement!! Love the pics of your beautiful family, A!

Missed you too!

really.truly said...

Alicia! What a fun trip. Beautiful.