Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Birthday Lunch

When it's one of my kids birthdays, mama (my mom), likes to take them out to lunch individually. This gives her a chance to have a little more one on one time with them. Now that they're getting older, sometimes it's easier that way because of their schedules. It was so simple when they were all little. Just put them all in the car and go!!! Unfortunately, even for us, we may go to dinner and be missing one or two of our kids with us. Ugh, so sad, but that is our reality now.

My youngest daughter just had a birthday, and she chose Chili's for lunch! She's the one who will paint my moms toenails, experiment with makeup on her, and do all the "girly" things she loves to do!!

 Have you had these egg rolls? They're okay if you're not expecting it to be authentic.
  photo A981C1DB-AA04-448F-B520-BF76BA7F03D4.jpg

 I never sway from what I order, so this is what I always get! The sliders!
 photo 84BA0CC5-C28D-4ECE-949B-8602991A0284.jpg

 Three generations!
 photo D4C5976B-A375-49A3-B8FB-E055335664F4.jpg

 Mama & Nani!!
  photo 9F3532AD-72D8-4FE5-BA09-A0D2043E781A.jpg

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