Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Worship In Spirit And In Truth

Our 11 year old son, Eli recently went to youth camp.

This was his FIRST time ever being away from home. AND...for a week!

Of course, we were worried at first, but we knew deep down that he would be okay. His best buddies were going, we knew all the leaders in charge, and we knew ultimately that God was in control.

They did come home safely, and he was all smiles when he came off the bus.

What blessed us the most was that the couple that was in charge specifically came up to my husband and I to tell us how much of a blessing it was to have our son there. They saw him being with his friends, hanging with kids he didn't know, and even by himself. If you knew our son, that is totally him. He is just a nice, genuine kid. But, what touched us the most was that they said that Eli was just totally surrendering himself to the Lord in worship. Just typing it out makes me choke up because THEY were choking up when they were telling this to us.

A couple of days ago, the Jr. High Pastor sent me these photos of the group during worship, and again, it brought tears to my eyes. The kids didn't know they were taking pictures. As most of you know, there is nothing greater than to see your children walking with the Lord.

That's him in the middle with the red shirt.

This one gets me EVERY TIME. That's him on his knees...

And here's my picture of him getting off the bus!!


Jennifer said...

Aw man, that picture of him on his knees made me cry, too! To actually see your child willingly and lovingly surrendering to Jesus is a gift! Yay Eli!

Jane Anne said...

What a wonderful experience! Fantastic that you got a candid glimpse into his worship there.

Cathy said...

Amazing photos! What a treasure!

louann said...

Amen! Amazing. Praise God for your sons heart!!

BeLoVed AiMeE said...

beautiful! oh that we all had the heart of a child for Christ <3