Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Photo Flashback

I started "Friday Photo Flashback" because I have so many pictures from my PRE-digital camera days. I thought it would be fun to scan them and share them here with you. I'm having so much fun doing this, that I would love for you to join me, too! So dig out the photo albums and put your scanner to good use! Don't forget to link up so we can all visit and comment on each others blogs!

I want to apologize for not posting a FPF last week. I'm sure you all know that Blogger was down on last Friday, and I just didn't get a post up in time by the time it was up. But, here we go again! I look forward to seeing your flashback photos!


I'm surprised I never shared this photo before! 

My husband was in the Army Reserves in 1991! I still remember during this time that our relationship wad kind of on "hold." We still communicated through letters, but we weren't an official couple. that's probably information that has nothing to do with this picture, but see..this is why I love old pictures. It brings back all kinds of memories!



Sasha said...

oh! So handsome. : )
My scanner is not working right now. : (
As soon as it gets fixed (or we get a new one) I look forward to getting to do this super fun link up with you guys again.

Buckeroomama said...

I love looking through old photos for the same reason! :)

Introducing Mr. Cool said...

Very handsome young man. Have a great weekend, and thanks for hosting.

Veronica Lee said...

He's so handsome! Love your FF posts as always, sweetie!

Happy Friday!

MMAR said...

He looks like a baby! Very handsome!!

Renee said...

I love checking out the photos you share each week, even when I don't have one to link up!

Chris said...

handsome hubby :)

Unknown said...

young and very good looking.
till next friday!

Laurencita said...

Oh! young and handsome..

Lorie Shewbridge said...

Gotta love a man in uniform! =)
What a great photo of a really handsome man. And while his service may not have been long, far away or even during a war, let me thank him (and you) for all he did for our country. No service is too small because it is volunteer!
Have a great weekend and happy Armed Services day on Saturday.

Debbie said...

I also love looking at old photos and getting all those memories flooding back!