Tuesday, March 24, 2009


So, what do you think??? How do you like my new blog layout? Yes, I know, I just had one done by Danielle last month, but I wanted to change the colors for spring and summer! I absolutely LOVE IT, and I knew that she would come up with another design that would far exceed my expectations! On top of being creative, she is very personable and professional! She will also tell you if your idea will not work..LOL!

Now, to YOU, all my readers, she is offering $15 off the deposit, which is normally $35! What I love about this is that you can put your deposit down (to secure your spot on her waiting list), and it also gives you time to pay for your makeover! It's kind of like putting your new blog on "layaway!" The great thing about having a makeover is that you can be sure that nobody else in Blogland will have the same one! It will be as unique as yourself!

So, this is what you do if you are interested:
1. Go to http://designgirlpayments.blogspot.com/. You can also check out her blog portfolio and packages while you're there!
2. To put down a deposit, she asks that you use the last PayPal button on her package/pricing page and enter $20.

It's that easy! From there, she will contact you (which is usually right away) and give you the list of all the designers that she has permission to use. I'm not kidding when I say that she has TONS to choose from! It's perfect because since you will be on her waiting list, it gives you plenty of time to choose the right kit for you! Danielle will also email you all the information you need, and she is quick to answer any questions you may have! I'm surprised she still talks to me because I felt like I bugged her! :)

So, don't pass it up! Just go for it! You won't regret it! Tell her Alicia sent you! But, don't wait too long because this offer ends Saturday!

**Lastly, Danielle doesn't know I'm going to do this, but I'm doing this as an incentive for you to get a new blog!! Whoever puts a deposit down with Danielle by Saturday, I will enter your name in a drawing for me to put $15 toward your blog makeover! Just make sure you comment me and let me know you did this so I can put your name in the drawing!! Yoohoo!!!!!!!!!


Krisha said...

I LOVE the new layout! I'm updating your button on my blog :)

Denise said...

Great new layout.

Stacy said...

I like the new look:) Great contest too!

Beth in NC said...

I do like your new look (and I think I'm still using your original button - lol).

I would feel like I was cheating on Tara (my designer) if I ever used someone else. Ha.

Bless you!

Julie said...

Very bright! I'm glad you LOVE it! :) Cute, cute!

Kelli W said...

I LOVE the new look and the new picture in the header!! It looks so bright and cheery for spring!!

really.truly said...

Love,love it! It's fresh and bright for spring.

Love the colors.

Always a Southern Girl said...

Love your new look. I want a new blog, so I just might check Danielle out.

Elizabeth said...

I absolutely love the new look! Great for spring and summer!

He & Me + 3 said...

Love it! love the new header too. Your family is beautiful!

Neisha said...

I Love your new Design. It's very colorful, perfect for Spring. Danielle is awesome.

BeLoVed AiMeE said...

I was thinking about a blog makeover too lol...we must be on the same redesigning schedule! it looks great :) :)

L2L said...

Alright, I did it, just sent my payment to the Design Girl. Not for my L2L blog, but I'm wanting to get my buisness blog up so going for the big guns!!!! Hope I win the extra 15 dollars to help off set the cost, lol. I'm excitede and nervous at the same time!!!!

Mo said...

very very nice. you're quite the bright, cheery kind. the colors are fitting : )

McCrakensx4 said...

Love the new look! The colors are perfect for spring and summer!

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Ughhh! I forgot to call you this time. I'm going to set an alarm for tomorrow...are you available?

Beautiful redesign...I love the colors too!

Unknown said...

Greetings Alicia,

Agh! I have so many questions after viewing your blog like about homeschooling and a few other things, but I know I can't get side tracked. The purpose of this comment is to ask you some questions regarding 'The Design Girl'.

My husband and I are trying to decide which designer to go with when designing a professional website for our photography business. Do you mind taking the time to help us in answering some questions before we decide on hiring her? If so, read on. If not, we understand and do love your blog, especially your faith in Jesus! Praise God!!!

So if you are 'reading on' here goes:

Can I ask you, how well and patient she was to work with? Can you tell me if she appeared rushed or frustrated at times? The reason I ask is because the truth is I don't know exactly what I want in my design. All I know is that I want something quality, probably one of her $300-$350 websites that have links and flash headers of the photo's I've taken.

Obviously I can't ask her directly because that wouldn't bring out any tips on how she truly works. I imagine she is a great designer; we've seen many of the sites she's worked on. They all look great. But what we are wondering the most about is her patience, her ease level when it comes to email communications; does she allow phone conversations to make things easier to comprehend between buyer and designer? Is there any thing you experienced that she didn't do the way you had hoped she would?

My husband and I are asking a few of her clients the same questions. Not in any way to discredit all the great work she has done, but rather to make sure that when we spend the $350+ dollars that we are working with someone who is patient, not rushed, friendly, not 'short', someone who is slow to frustration and not quick to show intimidation. In order to get our answers we figured what better way to ask these questions than to her customers themselves?

Can you please answer these questions for us? If you go to our site go to the 'Contact us' navigation bar we have and your response will go directly to our email this way.

I hope that you can offer some input/tips and I thank you so much for your time.

Jesse and Sarah Lopez