Monday, June 30, 2008

Busy weekend!

On Saturday, we took Eli and his friends roller skating for his birthday. It was so cute because two of the boys have never gone to a skating rink before. Thank goodness, the session we went to was one that gave a 30 minute instruction session to beginners. Afterward, we went to lunch and then home to kick back for a couple of hours before we had to go to church for the Awana Award ceremony.

After church yesterday, we went to lunch with our friends since it was her husbands birthday too. So, all in all, busy, busy weekend!!! Oh..and Isaiah isn't in any of the pictures because he was at a friends house all weekend.

Eli & his friends (plus
Veronica skating
Game Stop gift card!
Yay..more money!!
Carmen, Isaiah, & Miranda
Isaiah & Jeremiah
Danny, hubby, & Randa
Goofy Boys!
Happy Birthday, Roger!
Eli..yummy ice cream!
Happy B-day, Eli (again)!!

Miranda, Gracie, Veronica


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Hapy Birthday Eli. Love, Aunty Jenn

Anonymous said...

Hi Alicia - How are you? Looks like you've had lots of fun lately! Church camp looked like a big hit! Have a great day! -Becky