Saturday, June 21, 2008

Keepin' Cool!!!

It's been super hot the last couple of days! Yesterday it reached 100 degrees, and today it stayed in the 90's up until a little while ago. Today was the first day that we actually just stayed home and vegged! It always seems like there is something that we have to do on Saturdays, so it was nice to just sit down and do absolutely nothing! Actually, I take that back, we were supposed to go to a birthday party today, but it was just way too hot to go to an outdoor party. Anywho, my in-laws bought our kids one of those blow up pools a few years back, but it takes forever for the water to fill up. We haven't used it in a long time so it seemed like the perfect day to have it up for the kids. With our two older children gone till Monday, it was perfect for the "three little ones" (that's what we call them). I said I was going to post at least one picture a day, so here goes! Daniel (my almost 6 yr old) was already out of the pool and in the shower when I snapped this shot of Eli & Veronica.

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