Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer Day Camp!!! Day 1 of 5

Our church is having summer day camp all this week. I'm really excited because 1)It is all day (8:30-3:30) & 2)All my kids will be there! My two older kids are coming home from Jr. High camp today, so they won't be helping till tomorrow. In fact, I volunteered all day tomorrow so I will be able to take lots of pictures! So, right now, my house is completely quiet. It is void of any noise except for my typing!! It's so weird because I'm not used to being able to just sit here without a distraction, or feel like I could just get up and go on a whim!! My kids were so excited about today. They got up at 6:20 a.m. and took showers right away! We were out of the house by 7:45 to pick up my friends two boys, and they even ate breakfast before we left!! Well, except Veronica. LOL, she told me that Jesus didn't make her hungry today...HOW CUTE IS THAT!!!!!!!!! I think she was just too excited to eat! I also got a taste of making their lunches. It was so cute to get all their sandwiches and snacks together! I can't imagine doing that every day for an entire school year! With homeschooling, their food is just right here, all the Oh, and they were so happy to wear their backpacks. I guess that's how they would look if they went to public Anyway, in this picture from L-R is Josiah (my friends oldest son), Eli, Veronica, Daniel, & Jeremiah (Josiah's little brother). Aren't they cute!!!!!!!!!!

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