Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Day camp, Day 3!!!

What another busy, fun filled day for the kids! This weeks theme is "Mission Minded Kids" so at the end of the day, the kids broke up into four big groups and went around the neighborhood passing out cards. I went with a handful of 4/5 year olds and it's so awesome to see them excited handing out cards they made and telling the people, "Jesus Loves You!" I took a couple of pictures of what they cooked today. I wasn't able to take too many since I was helping, but the first picture is of Eli & his friend Keith smashing garbanzo beans. The entire meal was an African dish with meatballs over egg noodles and a salad. The meatballs were yummy!

Veronica has buddied up with one of the cutest little girls there named Juju! She looks forward to seeing her everyday. I took some cute shots of them hanging out and holding hands! I was able to take one of Eli on his way to the gym. Like I said before, I hardly see him all day since he's with the older group.

Anyway...I am just soooooo pooped by the time we get home. It definitely is a full day!!!!!!!

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