Saturday, June 28, 2008

Eli's is 8 today!!

This is going to be a quick post! Today is Eli's birthday and we're getting ready to go Cal Skate for his birthday party. We're just waiting on a couple more of his friends to get here. I'll post pictures of that tonight or tomorrow since he is also having a couple of them spend the night.

Yesterday was the last day of day camp. The entire week was awesome, and it also showed me how much work goes on behind the scenes with something like this. As a parent, I really appreciate the people even more so than I did before, that organized the whole thing! From the background, it seems hectic and chaotic, but you know, God works it all out and the kids are truly blessed! The day ended with them putting all their craft activities together and making a book out of it. For cooking, they made individual banana pudding w/ the vanilla wafers, and then lunch was provided for them (grilled hot dogs & chips). It was a long week, but so worth it! Here are a few shots from yesterday!

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