Sunday, June 22, 2008

Our normal Sunday routine...

Our Sundays are probably our busiest day of the week! It's rush rush in the morning getting ready for church! You can imagine getting up five kids, making them get in the shower, and hopefully having a bite of anything before we leave! Most of the time my hubby is already gone before us because he plays on the worship team, and plays for the first service. It always feels like a huge accomplishment when we get there 15 minutes early! After service, we hang out and fellowship while the kids are stuffing their faces with all the junk food from the cafe! If we're not going to lunch with anyone, we'll just head home and kick back here for a few hours before going back to church in the evening. I love it though, and so do our kids. Our church is literally like a second home since we are there so much. But, I can't think of any other place we would rather be. I know to some people that might sound weird, but if you knew our church and our friends, you would probably feel the same way!! Well, the picture I'm posting today is of Danny & Veronica in the tree outside the cafe. Eli was playing with his friends so I didn't take one of him. I love the convenience of being able to send the picture directly from my phone to my blogger!!!!!

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