Sunday, November 2, 2008


I love Facebook! I have re-connected with so many friends from school (even going back as far as Elementary)! I have a friend who is relocating and is/was selling alot of her beautiful furniture! She posted the pictures & prices she was selling them for, and let me tell ya, if I had the money, I would have bought way more from her! However, I did end up getting some great items at garage sale prices! I "stole" her pictures from FB so you can see all's (is that even a word) I bought!

My husband is a tea drinker, so when he saw the tea set she was selling, he really wanted it! The teacups alone were over $100, but she was only asking for $40 or best offer. There were also a couple of Asian inspired lamps that she listed for $25/each. I immediately told her that my hubby was eyeballing all those items. She wrote me back right away and offered all three pieces to me for $50!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was like, "Heck ya!!!!!" So, early Friday morning, the kids & I drove over to her condo (we even had another friend from school meet us there) and we just brought each other up to date with what's going on in our lives. I have not seen these girls in at least 20 years!!!!!!!!!!! We were there for almost three hours, and it was a great time of talking and laughing. I'm so proud of my kids because they did not complain one time. I think they loved the fact that she had cable and were able to watch some kids shows! Let me add that she even threw in a couple of pieces for free! One is a black, round sidetable, and the other is a thick heavy glass vase that is lined with a few stones on the base and has twenty, 4 foot, bamboo sticks in it! I'm too lazy to take a picture of it, but it's beautiful and fits right in!

Asian inspired tea set. Slightly heavy, and designed to heat the water directly on the stove top! Love the bamboo handle! If you look closely at the cups, you can see the indentations to where your fingers would naturally grip the cup!
These lamps are now in my living room. Because of the shade, it gives such a soft, golden light. Love it!
This table fit perfectly into an empty corner in my living room. It looks great against the color of the walls.


He & Me + 3 said...

Wow! That is awesome! You got a steal! Those things all look brand new, & how nice that you got to stay and visit too. Double nice!

Susie said...

A great deal with some great friends:-) It doesn't get any better than that:-)