Saturday, November 29, 2008


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I love this song! It's so worshipFULL!! I'm sure the majority of you know this song since it's been out for awhile. The words are so powerful. When you close your eyes and meditate on the words, it's simply AMAZING!! Our God is an Awesome God!!

Chris Tomlin-How Great Is Our God



He & Me + 3 said...

I love Chris Tomlin. His songs all touch my heart! Great choice!

McCrakensx4 said...

I love this song. I was actually singing it yesterday in line while I was out in the madness! Whenever our worship team does this at chruch, it is amazing, expecially the ending when all the insturments stop and it it just voices. My hands & heart are lifted and my eyes and heart are overflowing! Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

LOVE this song, video and Chris Tomlin!

Have a blessed weekend!


Debra Kaye said...


This is such a beautiful song! I absolutely love Chris Tomlin and love love love this song!

((hugs)) to you, sweet sis!

Mocha with Linda said...

Wonderful song!! One of my absolute favorites.

Lisa said...

My son can play this on the piano, it is a beautiful song.

Deborah said...

Always a good song and great reminder that God is great!

Mrs. Chief said...

I love worship I do!

Alicia The Snowflake said...

I love this song!!!!! The words to it are so powerful. If we will only put our differences aside and praise God together then the world will see how great is our God. Such truth!

Thanks for sharing my friend!

Daphine said...

One of my absolute favorite songs of all!! Dirk and I attended one of his concerts years ago. Love it! and love him! Thanks for posting this!

Cathy said...

A beautiful video and praise and worship song~

Unknown said...

You know I love this song!

I adored all the pictures from your trip on the boat above too!

Hugs to you and your beautiful family!

God bless,