Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Darker Shade of Brown

When Miranda was done with soccer practice last night, it looked like she got a shade darker! I'm not surprised since it was hot and sunny (95 degrees). I guess we should enjoy this weather before it starts to get cold!!

Five more days till we start school!! I need to do my lessons plans this weekend and get organized before Tuesday. I've been putting it off, but now the time is near!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She took this picture of herself with my cell


Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful!
I know what you mean about planning! I started school two weeks early in order to get the "feel" for it and smooth out any scheduling wrinkles and that. I'm finding it takes about 3 hours to plan out my week because not only does it include planning, but me doing a lot of reading, too. I love the curriculum and I don't mind spending the prep time for it. I just need to spread it out over the week and not wait til the last minute. Yet, here it is Thursday and I haven't begun any planning yet this week and we are going away for the weekend. We didn't get much done this week, so I may just reuse this week's schedule and add in a thing or two. We'll see!

Anonymous said...

Well, the appt. went better then I expected. The drive stunk and there were some other "issues", but overall, not too bad. Ben's "issue" actually got better from the last visit - but, he is going to have surgery. I am just waiting on the lady who schedules the surgeries to call me. She was out of the office when I was there today.
Thank you for your encouragement. There was something today that really made me question myself as being a "good parent". I mean, I know I beat myself up about being able to be a better parent - but today I actually felt that I was a "bad" mother. :( What a horrible feeling it was, too. Not like the feeling you get to want to be better. The nurse practitioner we saw today gave me these "eyeballing" looks that made me second-guess myself and the decisions I made as a parent. I really felt like crap and even a little scared. While I guess some boys are having this surgery at 6 months of age, Ben is 3 and his ped. made it sound like it was "no big deal" as long as he had it done by three years of age. Well, this NP didn't put off that impression AT ALL. She made it sound as if I waited too long and neglected my child. (She didn't SAY that, but implied it through verbal and body language). I seriously never felt so low or worried about the decisions I've made since I've been a mom. :( Such a horrible feeling. The feeling, even now, isn't 100% gone. I am praying through it though. Asking God to reveal the Truth to me and to weed out the lies of the enemy.
Anyhoo - thanks for stopping by. I'm enjoying staying connected. :) Love ya!
P.S. I'm supposed to be working on lesson plans right now! :-P