Monday, October 13, 2008


Miranda: "Isn't today a holiday? That's what it says on my calendar."

Me: "Yes, it is Columbus Day."

Miranda: "So, we don't have school today, right?"

Me: "No, you do have school."

Miranda: "But, it says it's a holiday."

Me: "Yes, that's true, but, you STILL have school today!"

Now, repeat the same dialogue with Isaiah and Eli! Get real, they just started school last month and they're already looking forward to the holidays! Mind you, I already gave them a vacation day last Friday! I had my phone conference with their teacher this morning, and I felt so encouraged after we hung up. I also found out that one of my friends sister-in-law is also doing this same program with her children! There is so much offered to them (support with work, field trips, etc)! Miranda and Eli are also enjoying their Spanish class as well! It's cute listening to them repeat what they have learned. Well, I'm off...I need to finish school, go to Costco, and pick up my sister in law at the airport! Busy, busy!


Anonymous said...

I like cutest blog on the block but I can't figure out how to work them on homeschool blogger..So I'll just stick with using my digital scrapbook stuff. I love your kids' one word descriptions, that's cute. I am the same way you are! I totally move faster and am way more motivated when I have to be. When the addrenaine kicks in and I just don't have a choice but to be fast and productive.


More Than Words said...

Hi Marja!! Yes, that is so me, too!!!! What is your website again? Are you still over at Buddies?

Christin said...

Yes, I totally know what you mean (cough, cough!) LOL

If you remember, could you please say a prayer for my hubby. He is having a hard time at work today. Well, for the past week. His job security is waivering and he's a bit worried. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

What program are you useing? I wanted to use the K-12 program and could not because I would have to drive 5 hours for testing that lasts two days (meaning we would need to stay in a hotel which is $$). I was pretty bummed about that. As you know, my kids are in PS again this year, and they had school on Monday! No holiday for them here!!
Kelly M

More Than Words said...

Hey kel,
I'm using K-12 (CAVA, which stands for California Virtual Academies). I love it because I was able to do all the placement tests online, plus the teacher comes to see me once every quarter. Another awesome thing is that she is a Christian so we bonded off the bat! Anyway, I love it, and I have never felt so organized before!!!!